Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political. An Introduction


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Groth, Stefan. 2019. „Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political. An Introduction“. Herausgegeben von Stefan Groth. Narrative Culture 6 (1). Special Issue: Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political: 1–18. doi:10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0001. Peer Reviewed.


This introductory essay outlines a perspective on political narratives that moves beyond a narrow understanding and highlights the reception of political narratives in everyday contexts and conceptualizations of political spheres in everyday narratives of the political. It offers distinct perspectives of (1) narrative as practice and ontology, i.e. the view that telling and receiving stories are universal modes of mediating (political) views; (2) narrative as strategy, i.e. the intentional or automatic use of narrative to further relatively specific goals; and (3) narrative as method, i.e. as an analytic approach to socio-political realities in academia. The essays in this special issue show how political narratives are interpreted, modified and co-constructed in everyday stories and as part of popular narratives, and how political processes and structures are framed in everyday narratives.

Peer Reviewed.

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Jahr: 2019 Autor: Groth, Stefan